One of the benefits of creating an eco-friendly office is the reduced impact on the environment. However, have you ever considered that your health and well-being benefit from incorporating natural elements into your workspace?

According to the American Psychological Association, eco-friendly and green features benefit the mind and body positively.

If you’re ready to embark on an eco-friendly journey, here are 5 design ideas for your office space.


Use Natural Light


If possible, use natural light in eco-friendly designs instead of electric lightbulbs. When you open your blinds and let the sunshine light your office, you use less electricity. 

Plus, natural light contributes to health and well-being. In the workplace, employees who spend long hours working in artificial light complain of headaches, fatigue, and more stress. Just a few minutes of natural light, in contrast, releases the “happy hormones” known as endorphins.


Add Plants and Outdoor Elements


One of the latest trends is biophilic design, which means “love of living things.” Incorporating biophilic features can help you embrace an eco-friendly workspace and improve your well-being.

Add plants to your office to bring nature inside. You can also consider using blue and green paint for walls or furniture and decorating with items like rocks or seashells. A sound machine with options like thunderstorms, ocean waves, or a babbling brook is another way to incorporate this type of relaxing and eco-friendly design.

Decrease Single-Use Items


Replace disposable items with reusable ones. One of the biggest wastes in your office might be coffee, especially if you’re going through a K-cup and disposable cup each day. Instead, consider using a mesh filter and mug. 

You can also go all-digital to reduce the amount of paper wasted by constantly using a printer. It may take time to fully adapt to going all-digital, but any effort is a step toward an eco-friendly office.


Invest in Eco-Friendly Office Furniture


Certain types of office furniture, such as adjustable-height desks, can serve more than one purpose. Because they can lift and lower to any height, you can use them as desks, tables, and drafting stations. They are an eco-friendly option because you’ll need less furniture, and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.

You should also look for high-quality furniture pieces that will last. Though they may initially cost more, they won’t need to be replaced, so you’ll contribute less waste.


Focus on Health and Well-Being


An eco-friendly office considers the well-being of the employees who work there. So don’t forget your needs as you redesign your workspace. Make sure you have spaces to take a break and collaborate with others.

Investing in an ergonomic chair for your eco-friendly office is an investment in your well-being. It will support your posture, reduce aches and pains, and let you kick back and relax when you need a moment or two for yourself.

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