Most people go to work every day. But how many consistently think of the link between work and their health?

Maybe you’ve considered how work causes some fatigue or stress. Or maybe sometimes you know that you could use a short vacation and mental health break. But have you ever thought about how your workspace could positively affect your health?

There’s a surprisingly simple way to benefit your overall health while you’re working: incorporate a standing desk.

Here are the four ways a standing desk contributes to your physical and mental well-being.


Burn More Calories


How can you lose weight? By burning calories. And how can you burn more calories? By standing instead of sitting.

The difference isn’t enough for you to see a huge difference in weight in a short amount of time, but standing does burn more calories than sitting. On average, someone who sits about six hours a day can burn about 50 extra calories a day by standing instead. Over a year, those calories can add up.

So when you incorporate a standing desk into your space, you’re making a small step toward a healthier body.


Reduce Neck and Back Pain


If you’ve ever spent a long period of time sitting in a chair, you’ve probably felt the pain start to creep into your neck and back area. This is partly because of staying in one position for too long, and partly because of bad posture and slouching that often starts to occur when sitting in a chair.

It’s a lot harder to slouch while standing, and it’s a little easier to move around, so a lot of the body pains associated with sitting go away when you start to use a standing desk.


Experience a Better Mood


According to a research study, participants who started standing instead of sitting during the work day reported an increase in their moods in just two weeks.

One of the reasons for workers feeling more positive while standing is that sitting is often a cause of anxiety, fatigue, and stress in the workplace. In fact, sedentary behaviors have been shown to lead to depression.

Incorporating a standing desk into your workspace decreases the amount of time you spend sitting, which can help counter the links between sitting and poorer moods. When you stand, you’ll feel better.


Improve Productivity


Another positive mental health shift that you’ll experience with a standing desk is an increase in your productivity. Instead of feeling stagnant, inefficient, or ineffective as you complete tasks, you’ll feel more like you can successfully accomplish what you need to.

A small part of this is that you feel better in body and mind. And another contributing factor is that you’ll be in a better position, literally, to focus and be productive.

Looking to add a standing desk to your workspace? Consider one that can adjust in height as you need it to, for even more flexibility as you work. 

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