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If you’re working from home, you probably have lots of choices of places to sit and work. The dining room table, your couch, a makeshift home office. But no matter the seat, it turns out sitting just isn’t that great for you. We can feel stuck, unproductive, sore, and just plain fidgety.

It’s time to check out a standing desk for your home office. They’ll help you feel healthier, promote productivity, and create a more versatile environment.

1. Reduce the Risk of Certain Health Conditions

There are several negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle, or sitting too much. These effects include depression and anxiety, back and neck pain, cancer, weak bones, obesity, diabetes, and heart trouble. An easy solution? Upgrade to a standing desk to reduce the hours you’d normally spend sitting in your home office.

When you start standing while you work instead of sitting, you’ll be more mobile. You’ll be able to counter the increased mental and physical health risks of being too sedentary. That makes standing desks a win for your body and your mind.

2. Increase the Versatility of Your Home Office

Lots of spaces in our homes can have multiple uses. Your living area might also be a playroom. You can cook and host parties in your kitchen. Your garage could be for storage and have a home gym.

With a standing desk, you can start to use your home office area for more than just work. In fact, if you don’t have a dedicated, private home office at all, a standing desk could be particularly ideal.

Increased versatility is especially true if you have an adjustable height desk that can change for different needs. It could double as a hobby or craft table. If you have kids, they can fit on your lap to do arts and crafts. During a celebration, it could be the perfect height for a bar or serving station.

No matter how you need to use it, a standing desk adds to the useful surfaces around your home, so you can do more with it than just your 9-5 job.

3. Boost Your Productivity

Standing desks are excellent for improving your focus and productivity. For one, they minimize the aches, pains, and fidgeting associated with sitting for long periods of time. Simply put, you’ll just feel more comfortable.

Additionally, adjustable height standing desks allow your home office furniture to accommodate you. After all, no size fits all.

You can raise and lower the surface as needed, for reading digital files, taking phone calls, or filling out paperwork. You’ll find it easier to move to get to supplies and documents you need, because you won’t feel trapped in a chair.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home office desk, visit Office Furniture America to find a standing desk that promotes your health, your home’s versatility, and your productivity on the job.