The modern office is nothing like the stereotype we see in movies: rows of identical cubicles, inhabited by dozens of workers in the same dull colors, completing their hours of unimaginative tasks. Today’s offices are places of creativity, insight, and collaboration. They are spaces of freedom to think, connect, and inspire. Or at least they should be. Whether you’re back at your place of business, still working from home, or a hybrid of the two, you deserve an office space that gives you both the ability to do your best work and the freedom to be yourself.


Surround Yourself With Inspiration


Don’t let your workspace define who you are or restrain your self-expression. Remember that you have personal strengths, talents, and experiences that can inspire you, help you complete tasks, and guide you to solving problems. 

Whether in an office or at home, surround yourself with items that work for you. You’re likely to spend several hours a day at your desk, so it should be a place you enjoy and that helps you freely complete tasks without feeling tedious or restrained.

A great office space might have a few photographs, knick-knacks, or reminders of what you’re working for: your family, a vacation, a new car, a fancy dinner, or maybe a promotion.


Value Your Comfort


Nothing feels more confining than an office that isn’t comfortable. If you spend all day with an aching back, a headache, or sore muscles, how can you possibly be productive?

If you invest in your comfort at work, then you’ll feel a lot more free to actually get the job done.

An ergonomic chair is a great way to create a more comfortable and personalized work space. It helps support your spine, relieving pain in your neck and back. Thick cushions and mesh backs feel cozy, not hard. Most importantly, simple adjustments give you the freedom to customize the chair and support your individual needs at work.


Think Beyond the Typical Office Arrangement


Is sitting at a desk all day actually the best way for you to complete tasks and enjoy your work? A great office space gives you the freedom to choose how you want to do your job, and that’s something everyone deserves.

Why not find a cozy corner? Who’s stopping you from spreading papers out on the floor? Why do you have to sit all day if you’d rather stand?

The right office arrangement gives you the power to work how you want. Consider furniture that’s flexible, that allows you to sit, stand, or lean as needed. An investment in a piece of furniture like an adjustable height desk is an investment in your freedom at work.

Don’t settle for how you think an office should look or feel. Make it yours. Inspire yourself with personal touches, consider comfort and well-being, and empower yourself to work how you work best.

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