Sitting all day is not ideal for anyone’s health. However, many of us are seated too often nearly every day, especially when our jobs are at home. Even if you are an active person, you may still find that you experience pesky aches, pains, and stiffness after a day of working. Here are five standing exercises that will eliminate pain and stiffness from your life and help you lose weight faster.


Overhead Reach


Can you remember the last time you reached your arms above your head? Surprisingly, many of us do not stretch like this often enough,

The overhead reach is a stretch that will loosen your shoulders. To do it, simply interlace your fingers and reach your arms straight up with your palms to the ceiling. Hold this position for five to ten seconds and repeat the exercise three times.


Neck Stretch


Your neck is one of the parts of your body that feels the most strain from too much sitting.

To stretch your neck muscles, relax your shoulders and lean your head slowly to the side. Place your palm on your head to settle into a gentle stretch. Hold this position for five to ten seconds, then return to your regular posture slowly. You can repeat this stretch on both sides up to three times.


Runner’s Stretch


The runner’s stretch is not only for runners. Anyone with tight hamstrings and calf muscles will benefit from this exercise.

To perform the runner’s stretch, step forward on one foot, and keep the other planted behind you. Place your hands on the back of your chair or a wall for support. You will feel a pleasant stretch in your hamstrings and calf muscles on the leg behind you.

Hold the exercise five to ten seconds and repeat up to three times per side.


Side Bend


Side bends will help to relieve stiffness in your sides and lower back. While standing, lean laterally until you feel a pleasant stretch in your side. You can also reach your arms above your head to add a shoulder stretch into the move.

Hold for at least five seconds on each side and repeat three times.


Wall Sit


As an exercise that burns calories, strengthens your legs, and relaxes your back, the wall sit is one of the perfect exercises for office workers.

To do this exercise, place your feet about hip-distance apart. Lean your back against the wall and slide down until your legs are bent at ninety degrees. Your knees should be parallel to your ankles.

Hold for at least five seconds. You can repeat this exercise again or hold the position for as long as you are able.


In addition to doing regular stretches and exercises, upgrading to an ergonomic office environment will enhance your everyday comfort and productivity. An adjustable desk will let you work while standing, and a well-designed chair will keep your back and neck in a healthy position.

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