A hotel is your home away from home where you have a comfortable place to relax and enjoy amenities. Amid this escape from your everyday surroundings, you may find it’s easier to focus and accomplish business tasks. After all, you’re surrounded by comfort, convenience, and a welcoming atmosphere. No one could blame you for wanting to replicate this hospitality in your own office. If you’re inspired by a hotel-style office, here are three tips for designing your own.


1. Invest in Your Wellness


Hotels care about the wellness of their guests. They want you to sleep well on their beds, feel cozy in their bathrobes, and sit comfortably at their desks. 

This is why you’ll find that many of the desk chairs in hotel rooms are ergonomic. They are designed to provide proper support and enhance your posture, both huge benefits for business travelers. 

If you’re designing a hotel-style office, invest in an ergonomic chair so you don’t have to be a business traveler to experience comfort and wellness.


2. Focus on Hospitality and Amenities


Turning your regular office into a hotel-style one doesn’t mean that someone will suddenly come to change your linens for you. But you can still incorporate a hotel’s philosophy of hospitality into your redesigned office.

Think about how you can surround yourself with amenities to help your office space feel more pleasurable and convenient.


Keep Everyday Essentials Nearby


First, make sure you have everyday essentials at your desk, including soft facial tissues, a notepad and pen, and a place to charge your cell phone. If you want a luxurious feel to your office, add some rich lotion or chapstick to your desk for quick pampering.


Increase Available Amenities


Next, add amenities that turn your office into a more versatile space. Stock a mini fridge with cold bottles of water, fill a basket with fresh fruit and protein bars, and keep coffee mugs near a small coffee maker.


Create Multi-Purpose Spaces


You can eat, sleep, relax, and do work within the confines of your hotel room. You can create similar multi-purpose spaces in your office with a feature such as an adjustable height desk. This flexible furniture lets you sit, stand, or do anything in-between. It’s a truly hospitable desk that caters to you.


3. Minimize Distractions


One of the features of a hotel office space you may enjoy the most is the lack of distractions. Wall art is tasteful but minimal, the room is relatively quiet, and surfaces are clear of clutter. 

You can mimic this in your own office by keeping decorations to a minimum and using a white noise maker to drown out unwanted noise. If you have a window, consider buying black-out shades so you can control the amount of sunlight in your office.

A clutter-free strategy is to have a place to keep all paperwork, tools, and even stationary out of sight. You only have to take out what you need.


With these three tips in mind, you’re on your way to a hotel-style office. For the best ergonomic chairs and adjustable height desks, visit officefurnitureAMERICA and be prepared to feel like a pampered business traveler in your own office.