Does your small office feel cluttered instead of cozy? Are you always struggling to find what you need? Do you feel cramped and stressed with piles of office essentials everywhere? 

No matter the size of your office, you shouldn’t feel cluttered, cramped, or stressed. 

Here are three smart storage solutions for small offices, so you can start feeling comfortable and productive at work.


Short on Floor Space? Use Wall Space


If we’ve learned anything from vertical cities like Hong Kong, it’s that if you can’t build out, you can build up. As the population of Hong Kong grew, there was no place to go except toward the sky. Now it has residential skyscrapers and vertical commercial spaces that compensate for its lack of horizontal land.

Think of your small office like Hong Kong, and look to your walls and creative shelving as your storage solution. Whether you install shelves on your wall or use a tall, thin bookcase, you can’t go wrong adding surface area that builds toward your ceiling. 

With shelves, you can add significant surface area and office storage for stationary, photographs, books, tools, and knick-knacks. 


Invest in Office Storage Solutions You Can Tuck Away


Tiny houses are a real estate trend. If you’ve ever seen one (in real life or online), you might be amazed at how impressive they look. How exactly do entire families live in these small homes? The trick is clever organizational strategies, where surfaces and storage areas hide until they’re needed. 

You can do the same thing with a small office. One example of creative office storage is a rolling file cabinet. It combines the security features you want in a file cabinet with the ability to hide away under your desk when you don’t need it.

Another storage solution is a monitor arm for your computer. You won’t need to find room to fit your monitor on your desk. You can move your monitor, so it’s not too high, too low, too far, or too close. And then you can move it out of your way.


Minimize Clutter and Designate a Place for Everything


A small office might be particularly frustrating if it tends to get cluttered. In fact, too much clutter can make it more challenging to focus. One of the most effective storage solutions for a small office is simply to find a place for everything.

At the end of each work day, take the time to store away papers, stationary, work tools, and other items you’ve used. You can use boxes, bins, fancy organizers, and folders. But the key is to find a place for everything.

Don’t forget about cords. Look for accessories such as wire managers or desk mount power blocks that help you route your power cords exactly where you want them, minimizing clutter, tangles, and stress.

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